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Strangely quiet, the geese. No honking, no flapping, no V. — V., as in so many nineteenth century novels the first letters of names and locations are used so as not to reveal the identity of living fictions. He resided in or on V. He returned from V. He looked up; and when his feverish gaze fell upon V., her long hair beckoned to him like a field of ripened grain. V., whose life had remained hidden until now, as if it were a secret she had been keeping, even from herself. And then suddenly, unaccountably, he remembered a long-buried scene from his childhood — on the bank of the murky V., across from an abandoned factory, he was feeding the geese. . . .


At last you’ve found
my room, this sunless cave
with writing on
the walls.

Be careful, now,
don’t disturb the bones.

But heed the moans,
heed the moans.

Songs and Letters, March 10, 2007
Another Song I Know, Cosmopsis Books, 2007

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