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An Orange Question, An Orange Answer

When we remember a place, do we imagine it so clearly that if someone is there now, they will sense our presence, or in some other way be enlightened, moved, or disturbed? And do we know, similarly, that what moves us, isn’t caused by the thoughts or dreams of someone else, someone departed, perhaps, or among the living still?

An Orange Question

I wonder — has the owner
of my childhood home
been kind to the orange tree?

Is he haunted by the humming
of our old abandoned well?

Has he heard footsteps
lately that he can’t explain?

And is this what stranger means?

Songs and Letters, February 29, 2008



An Orange Answer

Yesterday the clouds
carried off the little boy
who lives here I’m still

waiting for his return
but you know how
clouds are it’s hard

for them to remember
exactly where they’ve been.

Songs and Letters, March 1, 2008

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