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What Others See

There’s one thing I’ve become convinced of over the years: we are all angels, and we are all mirrors.


What Others See

in a fairy tale
beside a dream,
there is a boy
who swallows
a firefly,
and a girl with
seven knees.

Beautiful knees
her jealous mother
tries to hide.

The firefly lives
inside the boy,
makes his hair
and fingers glow.

The boy and girl meet:

I am ugly, you know,
for I have seven knees.

But what of me?
I’m too bright
to sleep at night.

The girl is shy,
but in the countryside,
she decides to show the boy
her seven knees.

One by one, he sees,
then he falls in love.

As velvet night descends,
the girl takes his hand.

By his inner light, they dance,
and dance . . . and dance . . .

Songs and Letters, March 13, 2006


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