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If Not Tomorrow Then Today

This poem was written early in the morning one year ago today. It was published on Recently Banned Literature and shared on Facebook.


If Not Tomorrow Then Today

Sometimes I think of the bodies of friends and loved ones
motionless in their graves — my mother, my father,
our old neighbor the beekeeper,
and even our faithful
old hounds —

and I feel
a beautiful harvest is in,

call it gratitude,
call it a blessing,
call it silence,
call it a symphony,

and I think, thank goodness my stomach is working today,
thank goodness for coffee, thank goodness we have a garden,

and for any number of things, for memory and pain,
for peace and forgetfulness and gathering age,

and for birdsong, and for you, and whatever it is
you are about to do or think or say,

and should you happen to pass this way,
carrying a flower or two or three,
with your moist lips and their shining eyes,

I hope you feel joy, if not tomorrow then today,
if not forever then now, if not at all, then anyhow.


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