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Cool Water

When I water our smaller, more delicate seedlings and plants, I use a child’s little blue watering can embellished with a smiling green frog. Not only does the can sprinkle well, the drops are tiny enough not to batter the plants. And inside, the water is refreshing and clean — I can see right through to the blue bottom and sides. I suppose it holds about a quart. Such a wonderful thing — I’m tempted to take it with me on walks. It could be my lantern. When some people walk, they look down and press buttons on their phones. These are the normal ones. But I would look up and off and out and around, as I always do. Oh, you would look off, alright. Fine. Very well. Who is the man with the can? The nights are cool and I’m a fool / Each star’s a pool of water… cool, clear water


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