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Nobody and the Madman

About two weeks and twenty entries in, I can pause here a moment and say that I like this new website. Not only has working on it been a positive, enjoyable experience right from the beginning, but to my eye, at least, the navigation and appearance are as simple as its purpose. I love that there are no visual distractions, and that there is plenty of breathing room for the content. The content is something I can live with too — and of course learning to do that is an art in itself. Whether or not it is meaningful, useful, or inspiring is something that is bound to change from day to day. I do my best each given moment, and that is all I know how to do. I have moments of haze and of clarity. Sometimes I can almost tell which is which.

Thus far, in addition to the Blog page, which I will smilingly say is the heart and soul of this operation, we have pages for the following: Home, Perspective, Links, and Keepsakes. Perspective was added this morning. I have a feeling this newest page will change in time. I will possibly add to it, or delete what I’ve written and replace it with another perspective. I might even do away with it altogether, like Gibran’s Madman burying one of his dead selves.

Whatever happens — I’m glad for the place and the means, and lucky beyond measure that you are reading these words. Thank you. And if nobody is reading them, I am still lucky. Thank you, too.


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