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Your Love’s Return

Winter is the perfect time to start a regimen of cold early-morning showers. I begin with water that is lukewarm. Then, as I wash, I steadily move to cool. I finish in cold. I enjoy the cold phase for three minutes or so. The result? Any soreness, stiffness, or sluggishness I might have had is gone, and I am ready and raring to go. Best of all, the mind is gone too, and I am a fool.

Your Love’s Return

Yes. This is a perfect place
For a sonata or quartet.
Or, better yet, a tiny waterfall
Splashing on a mountain path:
Icy water and a serenade of jewels,
A chamber of light where angels
Laugh and bathe.

We could enter from the street
Through a doorway no one knows is there,
Then come up behind the stage,
Where the master’s piano waits.
The concert hall is dim:
Better to invite the spirits.
Soon they will introduce us
To their friends.

Have you ever danced
With a naked angel whose wings are wet?
Have you run with her inside the wind, or him?
It happens next: the resurrection,
and your blessed love’s return.
Hold out your hand. We’re going in.

Songs and Letters, March 25, 2006

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