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Struggling with a new, untamed mirror.
Not as I look, he explained. As I am.



Photographs & Portraits (1973-2014)






1973, by David Martzen. Mid-1980s, by Denise Michaelian. 1997, by Tim Hinshaw.

2009 sepia, by Vahan Michaelian. 2010 behind bars, by Vahan Michaelian.

2010 profile with hat, by Denise Michaelian.

2011 self-portrait, after an image by Denise Michaelian. 2011 self-portrait.

2014 self-portrait.



Echmiadzin, Armenia, 1982, Artist Unknown. 2008, By Rachel Andrews.

2009, by Aleksandra Komlenovic. 2010 black-and-white sketch, by Cassandra LaMothe.

2010 without hat, by Laura Tedeschi. 2010 with hat, by Rahina.