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Among the Living and Other StoriesAmong the Living and Other Stories

35 pages. $4.00.
Cover art by the author.
BoneWorld Publishing
MuscleHead Press
Russell, New York (2000)







“Here’s a mad little treasure of down-and-out tales told with a buoyant voice, one that seems to be on the verge of being really pissed off while always keeping his humor.”

— Kevin Sampsell, Powell’s Books


“Eight crooked short stories of serious alienation.”

— John Berbrich, Editor/Publisher MuscleHead Press Chapbooks


“. . . [Michaelian’s] sentences, always friendly in tone and chockablock with wry references to contemporary human behavior, are witty and often disconcerting. . . . Edging up deftly on Walter Whitman’s cataloguing here — moving with agility toward Samuel Beckett’s The Unnamable. Recommended.”

— Tim Scannell, small press review


From Kevin McCollister, East of West LA

A man who eats dinner every day at four. A man with a forty inch waist and a thirty inch inseam. A man who shares a bathroom with nine other men. A cold spaghetti eater, the international spokesman of the dull...they’re all “Among the Living” — but just barely.

So much frustration burns within each one of them that it’s a wonder a scream doesn’t erupt until it does.

The stories of Among the Living are just as well-observed as the beautiful poems in The Painting of You but, damn, they seem to come from an entirely different solar system. The narrators of your stories are sardonic, whipped dogs who can’t wait for it all to be over. The man who cared for his ailing mother, however, imagines her eating bowls of cereal with butterflies in her hair.

I think most of us would admit, however reluctantly, to living most of our lives in the world of Among the Living. It’s the possibility of spending a few moments in the world of The Painting of You that makes us smile in anticipation.



The Thing About Strawberries: 31 DreamsThe Thing About Strawberries: 31 Dreams

Dreams and fragments of dreams
recorded in poetry and prose.
Artwork by Neal Zirn.
22 pages. $5.00.
BoneWorld Publishing
MuscleHead Press
Russell, New York (2010)






“I’m starting a new section in my home library...books by William Michaelian. I want them all.”

— Janice, via Recently Banned Literature